Amin Selim Pharma For Drugs Medical
A fully functional pharmaceutical and medical supplies company established in the year 2010 As a subsidiary agent and distributor of medicines and cosmetics in the Republic of Yemen, which enjoys a good reputation in the Yemeni .

Amin Selim Pharma For Drugs Medical
worked to meet the challenges of growth and a competitive market role in the local pharmaceutical market through professional management, appropriate use of marketing resources and focus on customer needs to get the best service for customers.

Amin Selim Pharma For Drugs Medical
 brief, is a promotional marketing company compliant with international standards, focus on integrated communication, develop effective marketing and communications strategies for our business and we have our philosophy and principles that guide us to the most appropriate way in which we conduct business every day.

So, It is our pleasure to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves,
as a leading company that deals and is involved in the marketing and distribution of medicines,
In the Yemeni pharmaceutical market we cover all of Yemen thanks to the sales and marketing team of our company, it's offices and the effective distribution network of the company's branches. In addition we own 5 wholesale pharmacies to cover retail orders, which achieve good sales .
due to the long experience in this field
we want to be agents of companies that are distinguished by excellent products and high quality. We want to expand our business, increase our business, and cooperate with international companies that aspire to be their agent in Yemen and take responsibility for marketing and distributing medicines to all parts of Yemen as needed.